An introduction

Born in the north of Norway and lived my first years under the midnight sun
but lives in Halden with my daughter and man now.
I’m a 34 year old bohemian RocknRoll’er with a great love for coffee/coffeecups,         lavender/vanilla, music/concerts, photography/art and interior.
Herremannen is a mans man! He disappear into the woods with his gun or fishing pole whenever he can. And he thinks he’s in command. “I’m the boss of this house, my wife allowed me to say so”  *Giggle* He’s a redhead – think big beard, mohawk, lot’s of tattoos, millions of freckles and I love it.L O V E him.
My daughter is soon 13 (but think she’s 16) and taller than me.
Good luck yelling upwards!
She loves to dance, sing, draw and read
She’s funny, ironic, very smart and beautiful
She’s is also my willing model and muse
She’s my little star.
Even tho life with a teenager can be «I want to pull all my hair out» hard,
we want another baby! Another child! Who can grow up and be another teenager
And we’ve been trying with the help of IVF
3 tries so far, but not yet successful
Atm, we are renting, but planning to buy – soon
We still don’t know if we want a modern apartment with big windows in the city (and a cabin), or an old house in the woods!
Maybe if you hang around, you’ll find out!
This blog is my life in bits and pieces, the ups and downs and beauty – mostly in pictures

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