The tiny queen

On week one in the 52 project, I showed you THIS photo.

We had so much fun doing the "photo shoot" in the bedroom, playing around with a light bulb. And the 
photo I used for week one, was my favorite of them all.    
But I like this one too. Had to turn it into black&white of course. 
Since that's my favorite style on photography. 

Looking forward to a new idea for a "photo shoot" comes along, and we can have some more fun.



  1. These are great photos! I love that you turned it in to black and white too! Can't wait to see your next photo shoot.

  2. I just love these pictures. Great shoot!

  3. Love the artistry in this picture! Great pose, makeup, clothes and props! Keep up the good work :) If you're looking for new ideas... with the holiday approaching, maybe a black and white valentines day shoot??

  4. Wow, that's incredibly dramatic. I love it.

  5. This is such a beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing! I think this picture is perfect in black and white!

  6. That's a great photo! Very artsy. I love that it's in black and white.

  7. Love the pictures and makeup.

    Michelle F>

  8. Så nydelige bilder du tar! Inspirerende og flott!

    Fin helg!

  9. Lovely photo! Looks very dramatic. Looking forward to seeing more!

  10. I get Tiny Queen title ... quite funny. But why does the queen look so sad?

  11. I still find this fascinating... especially like the crown.

    1. Thank you, and she's not sad :)
      I just asked her to give me another face than a smiling one. hehe...

  12. Hello and greetings from Sydney. Your blog and your photography is very eclectic and interesting. You have a splendid talent for the unusual and captivating perspective in your photographs. Your photos make my mine look like post-cards. Thank-you for adding me this evening on 'Google-Plus'. I have added you back and followed one of your links to here. Cheers for now - at 11.11pm here in Sydney on Tuesday night 18th March 2014. Stephen