Recently Enjoyed

  • This is the great work of my good friend Tine!
    Such a brave person. 

    She lost over half her weight over a two year period, and was left with a lot of excess skin. She turned her body into art, to show what can happen on a weightloss journey. She also wanted to get to know her "new" body, which suddenly felt like a strangers.

    Her photos quickly became known, and she was invited to appear on tv, newspapers wrote about her and galleries here in Norway showed her work, which is brutally honest and in your face!  
    To me, she's a beautiful woman, inside and out.

  • For my future baby I want this and that and YES, just in different colours!
  • And what about that Mr.Pitt? He's not just talented in front of a camera.


  1. omg her photos are so raw and honest i could cry and the photography posts inspired....great links xxx

    1. Yes they are...

      Not everyones cup of tea, but I love them. So honest and beautiful. And raw as you say!
      And I love that - people who dare to step outside the box and be in your face <3