It's a balance

Life is a balance.
A balance of different things, and how you feel about them.
How you feel about your self
How you feel about your love life
How you feel about your work
How you feel about your home
How you feel about your family
How you feel about your friends
How you feel about your income
How you feel about how you spend your time
If you are unhappy about one or more things, it can escalate quickly into the other aspects of your life. 
Lately I've been working more, so I'm tired all the time.
My man is suddenly without, but trying really hard to get a new one.
We also need a new home. Our apartment only have one bedroom, my daughter sleeps there, and we sleep in the living room.
This means NO privacy, and we are pretty much on top of each other all the time, which is stressful.
All tho we can't move yet, we have started looking.

But we have to wait until summer comes, since my daughter is changing schools this autumn, starting 8th grade. 
And of course, our income is a bit less than we are used to as well right now.
These things can cause fractions, and arguing. And they have. 
All in all we are figuring out what we are not happy with, and trying to fix them before it causes more stress in our life. 

Nip it in the butt right away! Before I throw another saucepan after my hubby!!!   


  1. I love your message today. Balance is so incredibly important and so necessary for happiness!

  2. I love the photo that accompanies your post today. I know that feeling of feeling cramped in your space...we live in an apartment too, and sometimes I just feel we never have enough space, and its tight quarters. I hope you find a new place that you like!

    1. The photo is from the railroads, and she was having a hard time balancing ;)
      Love it when a photo can inspire a post.

      We really need a bigger place yes. It's important with a little space. Alonetime is something I value, and is needed to keep sane ;)

  3. So incredibly true...have to balance everything together! I hear you about being unhappy about one area or another..trickling into other areas. I am currently working on a new I'm Thankful list to combat that in my own heart (found out about this from #1000gifts). Thanks for sharing :)

    1. A thankful list is a great idea.
      Sometimes it's easier to focus on the negative aspects of life.

      Thank you.

  4. Thats true! I think everything in life is just that balance.. You can't have too much of one thing without the other or it will mess up some sortof health or way of life. I can see it in food as well as everday approaches in life.

    1. Oh yes, I agree with your food comment! lol.
      I have a hard time with that one. Too much of everything goes down here...

  5. Balans ja, det är min signatur. Jag är vekt, jag har adhd & är medial, så balans är något jag jobbar hårt med hela tiden. Det är det viktigaste som finns för mitt mående, men det svåraste som finns.

    Älskar bilden

    1. Hva betyr medial?

      Balanse er vanskelig generelt. I alle fall for ustrukturerte mennesker som meg. Jeg tar ting som de kommer, og etter dagsfølelsen.
      Og noen dager føler jeg for ingenting. lol.