Oh saturday

I'm at home, feeling so sorry for myself. 

It's Saturday and  b e a u t i f u l  weather outside, but I can't go anywhere. 
Can anyone say sick.com? 
The danger of working in a kinder garden is, you will probably get some germs from time to time, and fall ill.

So instead of being outside, I'm making some good comfort food. Nachos are so easy and fast to make, and taste so good.
It's a typical weekend food in our home. 

Now I'm heading straight for the couch, where my favorite series probably are going to play all day and evening... 

Hope I'm feeling better tomorrow,  I've heard the weather is suppose to continue to be nice.
And I have some photos I need to take. 

How are your Saturday turning out?


  1. Oh no I hope you get to feeling better. Nachos would really make me feel good.

  2. oh nachos sound good! hope you feel better

  3. are you feeling better? I so hope you are there are some of us out ere so desperate to see you newest pictures (no pressure!) nachos and plenty of alcohol sound so the ticket for the black cloud i cant seem to shake this weekendxxx

    1. I think the most pressure I put on myself..
      You know, we are all our worst enemy.

      Feeling better today yeah, and got around to take some photographs.
      All tho, not really happy with the outcome, but what a h***... That's the way things are sometimes :)

      Aiming for better next week!

  4. Feel better, my dear. Lots of vitamin C and Zinc would be helpful.

  5. I hope you feel well soon! I hate being sick. Yes, I can't go anywhere or do things I'd like to do well.