Taking stock

I did this, a long time ago, on another blog. 
And I feel like doing a new one, here. 

Overall I need to find some inspiration. 

The words doesn't come as easy these days, and I have a hard time finding the creativity to pick up the camera right now. I just feel a little lost. 
So I need to regroup - need to think about it for a little while.
Where am I, right now?

Making : lists
Cooking : craving cheese sandwiches with A LOT of dijon mustard, every day
Drinking : orange juice
Reading: blogs 
Wanting: dreads again
Looking: inwards, aka daydreaming a lot
Playing: this tune, it makes me want to smile and dance - and be drunk!
Wasting: mostly leftovers
Sewing: nothing
Wishing: for just a couple of 100 millions??? not too much is it?
Enjoying: long conversations with good friends
Waiting: for summer and sun
Liking: colours and prints
Wondering: if I'll be lucky enough to get pregnant this fall
Loving: how my daughter is finding herself in our new town
Hoping: the same will happen, for me
Marvelling: at how fast time goes by - way too fast
Needing: inspiration
Smelling: lavender, lavender and more lavender
Wearing: a Rolling Stones T - all the time
Following: where ever my brain takes me
Noticing: I'm in the same place as I was last year, life wise
Knowing: I have to do something about it
Thinking: where do I start?

Bookmarking: last - this Etsy shop 
Opening: new tabs
Giggling: not enough
Feeling: lost

Have you taken the time to take stock of your own life recently?

If you do, link or leave a comment. I would really like to read it

I'm linking up with Pip who made this long ago, The Wiegands and also inked in colour, have a look at her beautiful blog.


  1. Lurt. Burde nok gjøre det der innimellom.

    1. Ja, det er en koselig liten øvelse.
      Hadde vært morsomt å se dine svar ;)

  2. Love your list. Girl...you need to giggle more! I am craving the sun, sunshine, warmer weather. etc. We go bike-riding nearly every day when it's nice out, and I miss it. It's like the perfect time to enjoy my sweetie's company, get fresh air, clear my head, and stay invigorated with exercise. I hope you find a creative spark...I love this list, I may have to do the same on my blog next week.

    1. I plan to giggle more ;) It will come with spring. hehe

      What a great way to spend time with your sweetie's.

      Yeah, go ahead, would be fun to read.

  3. Wow ! that photo tells a thousand inspring words.

  4. I like this idea! I just might steal it! :)

    1. I "stole" it, you can surely do the same ;)

  5. Mmmm... I was just telling someone about my childhood growing up next to a lavender farm. Great memories! :)

    1. Oh my, you did? That had to be great...
      Not only the smell, but the beauty, the colours.
      I'm so jelaous!

  6. Very cool! I need to take stock. I have some travel time tomorrow. I think I'll do just that. Thanks!

    1. Would be fun to read your answers.

  7. I love this. I love the blank copy-paste list. I'm so doing this. Thank you!

    1. Yeah, Pip has that all ready for those who want to take stock!
      Good luck :)