The birds and the bees and textiles

The sun finally came out today.
I was so excited, and woke my daughter early so we could head out. Poor thing, Saturday and all.  

We went down to the city and stopped by this thrift shop. I've always wanted to go there, but haven't had the time. And ah, there were so many pretty, old and cheap things to rest my eyes on. Ended up buying some very pretty textiles and this amazing wall-piece. Can't wait to show you later! 
Then we went to this cute newly opened coffee-place. Hot chocolate for her, latte for me and we sat down outside in the sun. 

Then, out of the blue she asked: how does it feel when you lose your virginity??? To be honest, I almost choked on my coffee. I didn't see it coming, right then and there. And she said she knew the virginity could be lost anytime, like when riding a bike, in gymnastics and so on. So girl time on the new coffee-place turned out to be REAL girl time, with a lot of sex-talk. Of course we have had several similar conversations earlier, and she knows all about the birds and the bees, but I make a point of always being open for a talk whenever she have questions.  It's important, that she can come to me with everything she's thinking about, and know I will take her seriously. Know that I will give her answers, to the best of my ability. 

I think this is why, we have this great relationship. Different from many other mother - daughter relationships I see around us. 

On the way home we stopped by the sea, and decided to have a mini photo shoot with one of the textiles I bought. Also had a black liner in my bag, so suddenly we went all tribal for a second there!

I will try and take some photos of the beautiful textiles I bought later, and the wall-piece. 
          So I can show you. 

          Until then


  1. Replies
    1. mmn, HELT enig <3

      men jeg er jo ikke helt objektiv da. hehe...

  2. Beautiful pictures. Love the background.

    Michelle F.

  3. Replies
    1. It was fun doing it, but cold ;)

  4. Beautiful pictures!

    I Love the way you captured her face.

    I also love thrift shops - you never know what you will find, and there's always something hiding for us to uncover. I like browsing the old tea cup sets because I always tell myself that I am going to make candles using them, but I never do...so I have this collection for future projects that I HOPE I can use one of these days.

    1. Thank you.

      I collect coffee cups myself. Or big tea cups. Anything old to the kitchen really. And everything wood!
      It's always great having future projects, we just need to find the time and creativity to start them ;)

  5. You are so pretty and the photos are stunning.

    1. Thank you for the compliment on my photos, and the girl in them are my daughter :)

  6. My daughters are only 10 and 11 and we already have very open conversations. I love that you have a close relationship with your daughter and I agree that it is so rare yet so essential today to teach our daughters they can be authentic, they can be expressive, they can be heard, they can be understood. Happy International Women's Day! <3

    1. Not so far from my daughter in age, she's 12. But look like she's older.
      Conversations is the key to having and keeping a good relationship, be it our childs, parents, friends or partner.
      But we often forget this in the everyday life. I'm guilty of this myself, with my partner.
      I'm better at it with my daughter tbh. Something I have to work on.