How cute is this deer?

It belongs to a series called FAUNAFIKTION by Formfuldendt. And there are more collections to choose from, like THE LOVE LETTER COLLECTION and soon, URBAN CREATURES!

Very Scandinavian 
Very beautiful 
Very want!

I'm sure we will see these pictures pop up in interior magazines everywhere soon.

And the girl behind formfuldendt do more than art! Are you pondering over the need of new branding? Or maybe you want someone to photograph an event for you? She can help. 

To see all the collections of ART, head over to 


  1. Ohhh - I really like the wolf and REALLY like the fox prints. The deer is cute too, but I am really gravitating towards the fox.

    1. I know, they are all beautiful really.
      If I could, I would probably have a tame wolf at home you know ;)

  2. Beautiful I love how you capture the art in everything!

    1. These are not my photographs, if you thought so?
      But I'm a lover of art. And when I find something good, I want to share it with my readers.

      I love the way the girl behind formfuldendt merge two animals into one, in such a beautiful way.
      These photographs fits just as well in any office, coffeeshop or a childs room.