I'm not a believer

but I'm letting my daughter find her own way.

She's always been interested in everything from God, to what she probably would be doing if she was born during the middle age. Her mind goes the most amazing places, and I'm really surprised over the questions she asks most times. 

It's a good thing, to be this curious of life, and I hope she never lose it. 

But over to God, and being a believer. 
I went to Sunday school as a child, I was baptised, then my mother wrote me out of the church, and I had a civil confirmation. The only interest I've ever had in "him" was to learn from the bible, to have proper discussions with those who do believe. These conversations can be quite good, but you have to know what you're talking about. I've always had the opinion that most of those who believe either was born into it, or had a big life crisis and found God that way. They needed something, or someone - bigger than them self to hold on to. Many people will disagree with me on this one! 

Anyway, right now my daughter is on her way to a christian camp, where she will be over the weekend.

I of course told her: 

NO messing around with boys, and if they start talking about doing blood sacrifices up there, call me right away!

The last comment was obviously a joke, said with a wink and a smile. She got it, laughed and then replied with this: Mom, you know us women already sacrifice once a month, so I'm used to it! Omg, I laughed so hard. She's wise that one, and oh' so funny. 

We've had our talks in the past, about God, history and in what you can believe. And she knows I don't, but I've always said it's up to her to find her own way.
If she wants to believe, she should. She can go to church, study the bible, do the research and figure it out. Learning is good. At least she will know what all the fuzz is about.

This camp is arranged through her singing group. And at the moment I think this trip is more about having fun with her friends and having a good time in nature, but maybe one day she will take religion more serious, and if she does I won't mind.

And hello, I can enjoy a child free weekend for the first time since Christmas.
Ain't too bad either.

I wish you all the best weekend, with or without God

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  1. the more I read here the more i love you both! Hope she has a wonderful time...with no blood sacrifices! x

    1. Oh thank you <3

      She had a great time. Playing around in the mud, because it rained all weekend. hehe...
      And luckily there were no sacrifices.

  2. Love your honesty and humor! and the fact that you are open with your daughter and let her find her own way. Glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    1. Thank you Jen.

      Good you could see the humor in this ;)

      And glad you left a comment, so I could stuble over to you as well.