Those early grey mornings

I usually get by with a coffee in the morning. 
Yes, I know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but in this house, no one is hungry when they get up. We need an hour or two, to wake up and actually feel we need some food! So we often rush to school and jobs, without eating much more than a banana on the way. 

But during holidays, like Easter, we take things slow. We can stay in our PJ's as long as we want to, start the day with some good music, or just watch TV. Yes, we love TV!
And there is nothing better than taking that warm duvet from the bed over to the couch and just snuggle. Then later on, I will head for the kitchen and make something for us to eat.

I will probably have that coffee nr 2 and some berries, my hubby loves bread with different toppings, and Sara usually wants some kind of cereal. So there's not one breakfast being made actually, but three!!! As long as everyone is happy, right?

And then there is nothing. At least today. No plans and nothing to do. Just snuggle back into that couch for now. Maybe I'll read some blogs, while Sara watch more TV, or maybe she will sing and dance while shouting mom, mom, look at me - and my hubby will kill some zombies. Yes, he's a hunter, both in the wilderness and on the computer ;) I love slow mornings.

You want to see some really gorgeous food? 
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  1. thy are fabulous...i have tried food photography and have come to the conclusion i simply cannot do it! they are too lame to ever share...but these! you are such a talent. xx

    1. lol. Now you make it so I really really wanna see those photos ;)

  2. Når jeg ser disse bildene, angrer jeg litt på at jeg ikke valgte fotograf-utdanningen i stedet for grafisk design!
    (Jada, man kan lære seg selv, jeg vet... Men læll... ække tålmodig nok, dessuten funker mobilen greit, den også) :p