Let's celebrate

Okay, I have to admit - I'm very proud of this cute little cake we made for today!
We have never tried anything like this before, but now I know we can. 

It's so cute I don't even wanna eat it

(I'm very inspired by the girl behind the blog Call me cupcake, and the way she use fresh flowers in her photos, also Littlegreenshed is doing a project called Nature in the Home, which is very fun and beautiful. This cake could very well be a part of that, but sadly I don't have instagram)

It's Norway's national day today, or constitution day if you like. 
Everyone is outside celebrating. 


  1. wow it looks amazing there. i think i want to come to Norway xxxx

    1. Norway is pretty awesome.
      Just wait till summer. I'm going up North. It's the most beautiful place, and nature!
      Can't wait to pick up my camera and just go wild, and share the pictures here.

  2. That Cake... Wow! I think it deserves its own post it is so fabulous. Your girl with her ice cream is such a fantastic shot. Love them all! xx

    1. I'm so inspired by several of the food blogs I read. And Call Me Cupcake is a beautiful blog, where the girl behind it use alot of fresh flowers when she style her cakes. You should have a look over there.

      I might do a cake post later on ;) We'll see. But yeah, I love that cake myself. So cute!


  3. That cake looks so delicious and amazing!