Hunting that sweet evening light
And wanting new curtains


He left today
It's really over 
The apartment is empty. Well, not completely - but you know 


  1. Åh, du kommer nok over det, skal du se <3
    Og flotte bilder!
    Ønsker deg en fin 17. mai-feiring:D

    1. Joda. Det håper jeg da inderlig ;)
      Idag var jeg mye mer sint, enn lei meg. Han dro jo strengt tatt igår, og kom tilbake med henger og bærehjelp idag. Alt var så klinisk og weird. Føltes ikke som den jeg har vært sammen med så lenge.

      All shall pass.

      Fin 17 mai til dere også <3

  2. usj.. det er da det blir så definitivt og endelig ...når alle tingene flytter i tillegg.. så tomt. Tenk positive tanker og det positive skjer:) har jeg hørt... jeg ønsker dere en riktig fin dag og prøv å kos dere selv om det i utgangspunktet er veldig trist akkurat nå!

    1. Det tror jeg er veldig sant trompetmor.

      Og vi har hatt en kjempefin dag. Veldig god 17 mai klem til dere.

  3. oh crap! sending my love and hugs. do something unusually new.....or go for a walk with your camera and search out the new. get out! now no more advice just more love and hugs xxxxxxx

    1. As you've seen, we've been out! And there was a lot to see ;)
      Big beautiful day. And full of cake, and pizza, and pepsi max, and coffee and....


  4. It is just an apartment. And it will never truly be empty as it has the most important things. You and your child. My grandmother use to say "all things happen for a reason and they are just a tool to teach us how to live our lives". I know she was correct. Her husband cheated on her and left her in massive debt. She turned this negative around and started painting (my grandfather would not allow her to do this before hand) Then in the next 15 years my grandmother not only learnt to paint. She exhibited her work and then
    started an art gallery in her local area.

    It hurts now, but learn from it and grow. Do not let it consume you or rule the next phase of your life. Having said that, I am also sending love your way.