On friendship, kefir grains and unprocessed food!

In my last post  I wrote about my good friend Tine, and how an evening with her healed my soul. I mentioned that our conversation made me feel alive again, and how those kind of talks face to face matter. I spent the night at her place, and the next day we went down to the city for a music festival where I met up with more friends I haven't seen in a long time, and missed so so much. 

When the evening ended, I went home with my oldest friend. 
She knew my mother before I did, since she used to babysit my little brother and sister. 
We became friends when we were 17 years old, and been through good and bad times, she's seen me at my worst and my best, she knows all my darkest and deepest secrets, she was there during the birth of Sara, and are one of my closest friends. 

To me she's a big inspiration. A wonder woman. I can't baffle everything she's been through and how much she has accomplished in her life. She's the mother of two kids, whom she's raised all by her self till recently. As an adult she suddenly decided she wanted to be a doctor. Wanted to heal people, make them better and thought that doctors had all the answers. So for the last 6 years she went back to school, and did very well. Now she's well into her residency. 

If my hobby is photography, hers is food. She's always been a bit alternative, and believed in being healthy. She would never use anything harmful for the body, so everything from toothpaste, to deo and hair coloring had to be natural. And more and more over these last years, she's been learning about food and how we eat our self sick. This has changed her beliefs in doctors and how they are trying to heal people. Mostly with pills, that might be, but probably are not good for us. 

So our conversations late into last night, evolved around this. And I learned so much. 
She believe we can eat our way out of most diseases. She told me how she's getting fresh milk, eggs and meat from local farmers. She showed me how to use kefir grains to make kefir milk, cheese and sour cream. I tasted them all, and let me tell you - it was really good. 

The pictures above is some of the things she makes with those grains. 

I was also served her homemade sourdough bread at breakfast, and yam! You can say the way she and her family eats are traditional, low carb and home made, with as much unprocessed natural food as possible. And it seems to me, it's the right way to go? I feel inspired and want to try out some of these things my self. It's never to late to start a more healthy way of eating, or living... 

(the link above is not to her blog, it was just a good website that explain and show the use of kefir grains in a very good way) 

This weekend has been good for me in so many ways, I can't even find the right words to describe how I feel. 

At her house:


  1. Her house looks great,and I'm glad you had a rejuvenating weekend. It's so good to be excited.

    1. Yeah, it really is.
      She has a very personal style, mostly thrifted and well used things.

      This weekend was amazing :)

  2. Thank you so much for these two days of sun, fun, music and the best: talking together! I am really impressed by all these lovely photos you are taking these days. It made me very emotional to read and see this post about us and my place.
    Thanks for compliments on my place, Rachel.
    Looking forward to see what comes up in here next time.
    Love and happy days :)

    1. You always inspire me, in one way or another.
      So you are very welcome girl. Taking this photos of your home, and share some of the ways you make me wanna be better, is just a pleasure.