On moving, AGAIN

The evening I sat down with my daughter to tell her we are moving again, I had a horrible feeling in my stomach. Because once more, she will have to get used to a new home, a new city and a new school. 

Every expert will tell you what a child need most is routines, a stable home and the security of knowing they are safe and loved. Most kids will live in the same house, go to the same school and have the same friends growing up. Well, we've lived a bit different. 

Since Sara was born we have probably lived in 8 different apartments, and she's changed schools four times. It sounds bad right? 
But the reasons for moving isn't bad really. Places we have rented has been sold = we had to move. Or the price has gone up, so we had to look for cheaper apartments. Once we rented from this lady who was going on a _around the world trip_, but came back early and wanted her home back. So we have just been a bit unlucky.  

And for the change of schools. The first Sara went to was a really bad school. It had a bad reputation, and I learned that it was all true. We are talking bullying, kids coming to class with knives, and an administration that tried to hide everything rather than making things better. Sara wasn't happy there, so I did some research and found a much better school for her. That school was great, but after a year I decided that our time living in Oslo, the capital of Norway was over and we moved to this tiny place two hours away. Sara started at the local school and I met my hubby. Then as you all know, years later we moved to Halden because of work, which meant a new school, again. 

But even if the reasons for every move and school change has been valid, it doesn't mean it's good for her. I wish I could have given her that childhood most kids have, but somehow life got in the way. 

So I wasn't sure how she would react, when I told her we are moving again. And not into that cute little boho loft I was thinking about after 
my hubby left, but to another part of the Country. All the way up to Bodø. But to my surprise she wasn't sad, or mad. Actually she was happy, and really looking forward to it. Then I realised it's not only me who's been feeling lonely lately. 

We always had lots of friends around us in Oslo. We are talking a great social life. Great days and evenings filled with friends, laughter, music, good food and good memories. But we had none of that here in this town. And I've missed it so so much... And so did she! So when the opportunity came to move to a city where we can have all this again, we would be foolish to pass that up? 

I think it doesn't matter where you live, but who you have around you. 
For us family and friends are important. I would rather live in a tiny apartment and have a great social life, 
than live in a palace with no one around. 

So I think this move will be great for us both. Even tho we are moving AGAIN. 
And this time the school change comes naturally, since she's starting 8'th grade and had to change schools anyway. 


  1. SHe does have a stable home. She has you, her Mumma. That is the most important thing in her life.

    1. What you are saying is actually very true! There's no lack in love for her...

      And even tho we've been moving a bit, there is no lack in routines elswhere. Like same bedtime every night, doing homework after school, help around the house and more.

      Still, I hope we don't have to move again, for a looong time ;)


  2. Good luck with the move! I love your posts =) So, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, just click on the link below for details & to enter! Good Luck! =)

  3. Enig med deg - det viktigste er at man uansett hvor man bor holder fast ved sine nærmeste og lager en trygg og fin ramme rundt hverdagen. Mannen min har flyttet mye i sin oppvekst og holder fast ved at det har gjort ham sterk og at det har vært mye positivt ved det. Jeg bekymrer meg litt noen ganger for dette med skolestart på ungene; at vi innen den tid må ha bestemt oss for akkurat hvor vi skal bo og bli værende der. Men det er ikke alltid det er så lett. Og jeg tror det kan være mye positivt ved å oppleve forskjellige miljøer også! Lykke til med flytteforberedelser! :-)

    1. Jeg er nok litt enig med mannen din også.
      Det at vi har flyttet en del, men hovedsaklig bodd i Oslo har nok gjort Sara sterk og selvstendig. Jeg tror hun kan ta nær sagt enhver situasjon hun skulle bli kastet inn i, på strak arm. Og hun har lett for å bli kjent med mennesker.

      Skal ikke dere hjem til det store huset i skogskanten nå i sommer da?

  4. It's so hard, we did a lot of moving before Eve was born so I know what you're talking about. But the love and strength you provide her is what's important. Also moving a lot does teach them a special kind of flexibility in life that can be really useful, try not to worry too much.

    1. I hate moving OUT, but I love moving IN somewhere!!! lol.
      And what you say about flexibility is very true, I can see that in her already.
      Right now I'm just filled with joy, over a new start and over the fact that we get to live near good friends again.