Starting over in more ways than one

Moving is expensive! 

Especially when you have to hire a truck to drive all your things through the entire Country. 
I've been crunching the numbers, and I'm not sure what to do. 

When we packed our abode and moved to Halden 8 months ago, I had a big purge. 
Over the years I've been accumulating a lot of things, through thrifting and flea markets. It's a thing I do, I buy old things, give them a make over, enjoy them for a while and then sometimes I sell them for way more than I payed! In that big purge I got rid of a lot of things, I wanted to bring as little as possible to Halden, just what we needed. And then, when my hubby moved out, he took about 50 % of the things we had left with him. Which is totally fine, that's how it goes when breaking up. But it means I really don't have much right now. 

I recently had the moving company over for an estimate of price. 
The guy took a look and told me it would be a lot cheaper for me to get rid of/sell the few things I have, rather than them drive it up north. 
And then just buy everything we need when we get there. So that's where I'm at now, and I'm just not sure! 

But we might be moving with only our clothes! In one way, that sounds a bit tempting! 

On another note, I had a really hard time getting Sara out of bed this morning. hehe... 
I had to nag her for about 30 minutes just to get her to open her eyes. That's really not normal in this house. Maybe it was the weather. Let's just say raining cats and dogs was a fitting term today. And when she came home from school dripping wet, I threw her in the shower and made some hot chocolate. She also borrowed my old knitted sweater, and was a total kid for a while! 


  1. Moving is so hard, although it has its advantages - like getting rid of stuff! My parents moved to Arizona last year and got rid of everything but their clothes - bought everything new when they got there. Not sure if I could do that! Love the pics of your daughter!

    1. Letting go of some of the things we have emotional attachment to is hard, but also healthy in some way. We might do just that ;) And that's really a NEW start ;)

      Thank you.