The moment your soul heal, and you didn't even know it was broken

Last night, sitting on the floor in front of this fireplace, I felt my soul heal!

There was a large amount of white wine involved, and long conversations on art, photography, our self, our children, how we live life, expectations, inspirations and so much more. The kind of conversations you can't have over the phone, it would not be the same! 
She cried, I laughed, and at one point she was acting out a starfish! 
Yes, we are those kind of people - with enough wine on board!

Spending time with her healed my soul. Or filled it. 
Having those conversations matter. I felt alive and spoke with passion. I felt connected again, with her, with the world and even my self. 
I think I have been in a bad place for a long long time, but didn't realise it. I needed these days and these people... 
I'm filled with ...  JOY!

At her house:

The beautiful visual artist and photographer Tine
PS, the black & white nude, is a self portrait she did for a project that went viral here in Norway.

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