When I was younger I wanted people around me all the time. 
I wanted people to visit me, if they couldn't I would visit them - And if I knew I had a night coming up without Sara, I had to plan something to do - perhaps drink - and figure out who I could socialise with. Because being alone, God damn, how boring was that? 
Alone? No way! 

But something changed in my late 20's. The need to have people around me all the time slowly went away, I started to love my own company, the silence and the calm. I became calm, finally. If I had a weekend without Sara, I started spending it home instead of going out. Just enjoying the easy slow mornings and even more slow evenings. I loved it. 

From then on and out, being alone when I want to, became important to me.

For the last month Sara and I have been refuges, or nicely told: on a very long summer vacation.
We've been living with friends, family, on hotels, travelling with airplanes, cars and boats. 
We've been social times 10, all day - every day.
I get tired just thinking about it. 

Today we got the keys to our new apartment. And I look forward to move in, to throw my feet on the table and just settle down. Being with friends and family, being social, going on vacations is all fine and dandy - 

but to come home, isn't that the best part of it all?! 


  1. Your sentiments are beautifully said, here. I can relate, thinking back on my early 20s. Being alone (especially on the weekends) gave me anxiety almost. And now, I'm completely with you on enjoying alone time. Are you kidding? I savor every bit of it that I can because as you know alone time is few and far between when you have a 2 year old. It's almost as if I appreciate it more than I ever did or could for that matter. You don't know what you've got until it's gone, as they say. I can only imagine how relieving it must feel to finally have your new home to come to. Congrats (and cheers) to you and GOOD for you! -Misty

    1. Thank you. We are loving it a little more each day... Spending time, painting, getting it all cosy is half the fun... Settle in...

      And ah, I can barely remember how much work it is with those little ones.
      Now most days my teen is either out with friends, or hiding in her bedroom... But of course, she sometimes comes to have a snuggle as well - and that is nice...

      Alone-time is gold!

  2. All of this... I couldn't agree more.

    1. I think a lot of people can relate to this...
      We are still kids when we are in our 20's... I STILL feel like a kid sometimes, and I'm 35 now. lol.

  3. Space to hear my thoughts - its what I crave always. I spent my early 20s traveling the world alone but the last 10 years have been a blur of babies and chatter. The quiet moments are savoured like never before. May your homecoming be sweet.

    1. Sounds amazing to travel the world. It's something I've always wanted, but never could.
      It's great to have those adventures in your pocket, now that you are a mama. We should all live a little before settling down.

      Being home is wonderful. Loving it here, more and more every day.