As some of you know, I recently started sharing some pictures over at instagram. 
But it was the same pictures you could find here on the blog. 

You see, me and Sara have been timesharing one phone for over a year
A broken phone
Or really, A phone with a broken camera

Everyone have been ranting about instagram for years, but I never really got into it
I couldn't. Until now

Yesterday I bought a new phone
And I didn't get much sleep
Because I ended up exploring feeds, and couldn't for my life put my phone down

I'm sooo behind, but oh my - I LOVE instagram! 


And I will from now on, share a lot of pictures over there, which will not be found here
So if you want to see what we are up to outside of the blog, or maybe you are wondering what the story is behind the picture above? 
Then - head over to my feed  @sagabysteinsdotter

If you know of some beautiful feeds I SHOULD follow, let me know

PS. And how great is it, that I don't NEED to always have my big camera with me everywhere


  1. Jeg skal se om jeg klarer å legge deg til for jeg vil gjerne se bilder:) eller jeg må be datteren min om hjelp. Har også nettopp fått instagram men har ikke helt fått grep om det ennå! Gøy:)

    1. Instagram er moro. Lagde meg konto for over et år siden, men så ble kameraet på tlf min ødelagt, så da ble den ikke brukt. Men nå har jeg hevet meg i gang igjen, og koser meg max. Dog, lett å bli avhengig tror jeg ;)

  2. Replies
    1. It's sagabysteinsdotter...

      And there is a link in this post :) Or at the top of the blog under instagram.

  3. I am excited to see more pictures of Norway so I will hunt you down on Instagram ;) Wishing you well on your new adventures xox

    1. Happy hunting ;) Give me a shout when you find me


  4. Your new found love for Instagram sounds nice. Hahaha! Make sure to get some sleep, though. I hope your new phone will help you explore more than the old one did. Also, keep sharing your photos with us on Instagram and here on your blog. It's nice to hear from you from time to time, after all. Thanks for sharing! All the best to you! :)

    Clara Brooks @ TelcoWorld