Sometimes people around you won't understand your journey. They don't need too, it's not for them


  1. Wow. That unexpectedly resonated with me. It seems that lately, NO ONE around me understands my journey, not even my husband or my mother. I often find myself defending my efforts to keep up with EVERYTHING that is expected of me as a mother and wife, as if I'm not doing enough or trying enough. As if staying home with a two year old isn't really work. They have no idea. And because of this, any time I actually do sit down to have 10 minutes here or 20 minutes there for some ME time...I feel guilty for it. Anyways...it's unfortunate that they don't understand (and shit, my mother of all people should. she's been in my shoes but has somehow forgotten over the years how hard this is), but this quote is true, they don't have to, this journey is not for them. As long as I live up to my own standards for myself as a mother and wife and woman, well that should be good enough. It is good enough. -Misty

    1. I think we will all forget how hard it is later on in life. That's how we humans are. Tends to only remember the good bits ;) But yeah, it's your journey, so as long as you live up to your own standards as you say, it should be enough.

      I am loving those words. So few, but mean so much.

      Good luck girl <3

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    1. mmn ...
      So much meaning in such few words.