The little Things

I am really loving this "starting over" project of mine 
Having nothing, and then slowly gather the things I need and want. Being selective 
Really think things through before buying, and appreciate the items I get 
Loving it 

My plan is to get hold of as much cheap thrifted furniture as possible. I'm talking things like dining table, couch and refrigerator and give them a make over. Probably a bed as well, but I will for sure buy a new top mattress.... Everything else, the small stuff, will be carefully picked out. I don't want to fill my new home from top to bottom. And the little I buy, I try to find in natural materials with an organic feel when it comes to color and texture... 

Everything in these pictures I got from Åhlens, except the bowl and my new little friend
they I got at kremmerhuset 
Isn't he cute? all tho - not natural

To read more about how we ended up with this "starting over" project
you can have a look at these posts


Did I mention I'm sooo loving this?


  1. What an intriguing adventure you are on right now. I would love to experience this, not everything about it but certainly to start a fresh, only selectively collecting the few little pieces to make our house a home. I have been daunted for the past 6 months by going through all of our belongings, letting go of some of those emotionally attached items was extremely hard for me but once I started I couldn't stop. I started waking up feeling a little more free every day, a little less cluttered. I even find I sleep easier now, even if that does sound ridiculous.
    I stumbled across your blog today, I look forward to reading about your adventures :)

    1. Hello, and welcome :)

      Sound like you are on a little adventure your self. Small or big ones - it's fun to do some changes.
      And sleeping better I understand. Us humans these days, have a way of cluttering both our homes and souls. Letting go is healthy I think.

      Love to see you again :)

  2. Noe forteller meg at dere kommer til å få en skikkelig fint hjem etterhvert!! :D

    1. Jeg koser meg i alle fall fælt med prosessen :)
      Finne fine ting, til en ikke altfor dyr pris... Det er nesten litt ille at man kose seg så masse med shopping! heh... Men gleder meg veldig til å se det ferdige resultatet, men det kan ta litt tid :)

  3. fresh starts are great, aren't they? we move about ever three years, and i really enjoy the process of planing on what i want and need in our new space. i love the idea of being purposeful with my purchases, but it's hard to stick to that! looks like you're doing a great job, though.
    by the way, though i don't comment on every post, i read everything and I must say, i'm in awe of how you're handeling this situation. it's certainly not for happy reasons that you're moving, but you're managing to keep so positive. that's wonderful.

    1. Fresh starts are great. Change as well. Well, sometimes a change doesn't give us what we wanted, but we always learn along the way. This time, I think things will turn out well.

      I'm not religious in any way, but I don't think we are given more than we can handle, and I also believe (a little bit) that things happens for a reason. Maybe I was supposed to want another child, but not get one - to really appreciate this beautiful girl I do have? And by having this man leave me, I've figured out I'm loving being on my own. I don't need a man to be happy...

  4. This looks just wonderful. I'm so excited to see what you do with a space of your own.

    1. Thank you :) I'm excited as well.
      All tho it may take some time before I have everything the way I want them, the process is so much fun that it doesn't matter.