I've been away, obviously... Time just flew by so so fast

But we have been shooting, all tho - she's not so into it as she used to be
We will finish this years 52 project, I will upload all the pictures which are cramping my disc, but my hope to continue the project next year might be impossible

You know teenagers, they don't have time... for anything except school and friends
And she's tired of me being a "mamarazzi" 

So, this is a little preview of what's to come. I just have to do some edits +++ 
And then there will be like 12? weeks worth of pictures from the project coming your way

This is her Halloween look for tonight
She did all the make up and lashes herself, and I forced her to pose for me for a couple of shots before running out the door to a Halloween party

So for week 44 - Prettiest dead girl I've ever seen 
The rest will come

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  1. so glad you're back! i took a long break from blogging, but am really happy to be back on the internet again. i hope you'll find something to photograph next year if your daughter isn't interested. self portraits, maybe? i don't know. I really love seeing your work every week.

    1. You're so sweet Erica ...

      I hope maybe she will change her mind before the next project starts.
      You see, I was kind of hoping to have a daughter/mother year. I think it would be really fun to look back on later in life, for both of us. We are rarely in pictures together, so having 52 would be a blast. hehe...

  2. Wow she is stunning....love seeing a teenager as part of this project. xx

    1. Thank you Bron.

      Yeah, all tho I love photographing her more than she loves being photographed these days ;)
      I don't have any photos of myself from those years, so I hope she will love seeing them when she gets older.

  3. She is gorgeous and so is your pics! Love them and I so hope you able to keep the project but its hard at times! My toddler doesn't want to do anything with the camera at the moment

    Ritz x #iheartsnapping

    1. Thank you :D And I hope so too...

      It's kind of typical right? To take alot of pictures when they are small, and as they grow into teens and almost grown ups we stop? I think she's becoming more and more beautiful as the days go by, so I hope she will pose for me a little more in the future :)

  4. Beautiful girl and really stunning shot as well. A great one for her to look back on as well as you. #livingarrows

    1. Thank you... always love a black and white picture :)

  5. Shes so pretty! I love the lights in here too! #LivingArrows

  6. Hei. velkommen tilbake. Har tenkt på hvordan det har gått for dere i Nord, hver gang jeg har lagt som en zombie i sofan å sett igjennom fine blogger. Fine bilder!! Velkommen tilbake:) Janne