Yesterday I mentioned a magic coffee, and I thought I should share a little about it... 

After being someones girlfriend for several years + 4 failed attempts at IVF I gained more kg's than I'm comfortable with. On top of that I managed to eat healthy during the day, but when the evening came I always wanted some sort of snack. Soda and chocolate was my biggest sin. In the end, I wasn't very happy with what I saw in the mirror.

When I moved North - When I had my whole "starting over" project, I thought why not start over when it comes to my health and the way I see food at the same time?

So I did just that. I stopped with all the candy and soda. I started to eat more healthy, you know, eating "normal". But it didn't work for me. I was hungry all the time, and the craving for candy and soda never went away. So I did a little research, and decided to try LCHF again (I've tried it once before, but it didn't work because I knew too little about it and I didn't eat enough fat). 
It's a decision I haven't regretted. 

Since I stopped with carbs and started eating more fat instead  I've lost over 1 kg pr week. The craving for candy has disappeared, and I feel full all the time. I drink water, lots and lots of water, or tea or -  and here is where the magic coffee comes in. 
It's my kickstart of every day. Full of healthy fat, taste sooo good and gives an energy boost that last out the day! 

How I make it:
3 dl black (hot) coffee
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1 tablespoon coconut oil

I put everything in a bowl and use a blender to mix it together. This way the texture will be all creamy and delicious! 
Drink up.

Coconut oil is very healthy and can help speed weight loss when consumed daily, it also helps improve digestion, increase the absorption of calcium and magnesium, its high lauric acid and MCFA content help boost metabolism, and it supports healthy thyroid function which is a huge plus for me! 

I've also thrown away all my expensive lotions, and use coconut oil only on my skin and in my hair 

Ok, I probably seem like a total coconut oil crazy! And I can proudly say that, YES I am!
 I love that stuff, and that coffee!!!


  1. I will try this! I've had 'insulin resistance' issues, and I too respond to a higher fat/lower carb diet--when I can stick to it! I have a jar of coconut oil in the cabinet, but I don't use it nearly as much as I should. This sounds like a great way to use it! Love all the sheepskin--your home looks like it is turning out beautiful and cozy.

    1. Yeah, you should def try the coffee. One ts of coconut oil goes a long way :)
      I've also heard people with insulin resistance benefits from LCHF food.

      Thank you, cozy is what I like my home to be :)

  2. Heihei,
    Takk for koselig kommentar. Kanskje du kalte "Bollemelk" for "Kleppmelk" eller "Kleppsuppe"? Du får prøve å lage det :) Det er jo så godt :)

    1. That's it! Kleppmelk.... hehehe...

      Det er helt klart noe jeg vil prøve igjen, husker fra barndommen at jeg synes det var veldig godt.
      Men det må nok vente litt, til når jeg går over fra streng til moderat lavkarbo ;)

  3. I have one freshly ground and brewed coffee a day, and this sounds great,
    what is a coffee measure of 3 dl ? .....is it 3 double shots ???

    1. dl stands for deciliter...

      But basically it means one cup of normal black coffee :)
      You go ahead and try, let me know if you like it.

  4. My husband loves his coffee this way...he uses coconut butter, have you tried that before? It's pretty tasty! I just started using coconut oil on my skin and hair and it feels so much more healthy and natural! Glad you're seeing such positive changes with a new lifestyle.

    1. Hey Jessica...

      No, I've never tried coconut butter, or even heard of it. But I did some research after reading your comment, and it seems like the coconut butter is a bit more texture to it because of the flakes. Coconut butter / coconut oil was compared to peanut butter / peanut oil. One more liquid.

      So I think I will stick to the oil for now, but maybe try out coconut butter later, if I find any good recipes where it's needed.

      I too feel that my skin and hair is much better with the oil, rather than any other product...

      Thank you :)