I've always categorised myself as a bohemian rock'n roller.... 
But no home can call it self bohemian without a few macrame plantholders, so I was pretty excited when I found 3 of them over at the thrift store... 

The plan was to hang them all in the same corner over the couch, but this pearl flower (can't remember the name) is so beautiful on its own so I have to reconsider and probably hang the other two somewhere else... 

Now it's almost time for my magic coffee! The one with butter and cocosa. 
Butter in coffee? people always ask, does that taste any good? Oh yeah! And I will share all about it a little later

For now I'm enjoying my livingroom, candles, some alonetime, the macrame plantholders, the fact that it's snowing, and - 
that Christmas is right around the corner... 

Simply taking pleasure in everyday life


  1. Wow! Gorgeous new home :) Glad to see you back, Ive been watching for the return of you and your beautiful photos and words! Xx

    1. Hey girl... It's good to be back, and your words makes my heart smile <3
      It takes time to feel at home - in a new home. But now we are getting there.


  2. Replies
    1. Tusen takk Hedda :)

      Jeg gleder meg til å se hvordan dere får det i det nye huset...
      Og jeg er glad du er tilbake i bloggverden :)