Lately I've been changing out some interior at home, and also got some of the pictures I've taken of my daughter up on the wall. I'm out walking - taking pictures of nature, spending time with my daughter at the library a lot or in coffee shops, I'm also making and eating good food. Baked a cake for a friends daughter's birthday and searching for a new job. 

The sun has arrived in Bodø, and life is in general very good!

And my daughter made this cute collage with some of the pictures I've taken of her over time.... 
So I stole it ... 


  1. Um...HELLO!!! Imagine my surprise to see you finally pop back into my bloglovin' feed :) Pleasant surprise, I've gotta say. Glad to see you again and more glad to hear that life is good. I've missed your amazing photography and the way you capture simplicities. -Misty

  2. This all looks so wonderful and I'm so happy to hear that all is well and good in your part of the universe. Happy spring. That pier photograph makes me wantto be there.

  3. Glad see you back again! I thought of you and hoped that things were well :) As always, I love your photos... Good week to you!